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A metal detector to keep your eye on is the Garrett AT Pro. This list of metal detectors has been put together to show ,you the best researched and reviewed metal detectors to help you start your treasure hunting dreams and find hidden goodies outdoors. The LCD screen tells you the precise depth of buried coins, and the simple controls on the user panel make adjusting the sensitivity very easy. This rugged, lightweight metal detector from Garrett has a foam grip and foam-lined arm brace for comfortable carrying on long searches. The last setting lets you, find any object in the soil, while discrimination mode blocks out signals from common minerals in the ground.

It also produces two different audio tones to help you differentiate between a cluster of rusty nails and something more valuable like coins or a gold ring. That said, it seems most beach owners turn a blind eye to the activity while others aren’t even aware you’re doing it.

Featuring 3 modes, this hobby detector is easy for everyone to use. This detector is suitable for experienced users, but while beginners find it has a bit of a learning curve, they also find it to be a very intuitive machine to learn on. This all-terrain model can take you ten feet underwater in fresh and salt water, and it has a host of upgraded features like built-in Z-Lynk wireless technology – so no cords – and a near-zero delay from the detector to the headphones.

What makes this device more enticing is that it is waterproof. The first mentioned mode is capable of detecting all kinds of metals available beneath it whilst the latter distinguishes the unwanted and the trash metals and disregards it.

With a lifetime warranty and silent all metal mode and discrimination mode, uMax is strong, silent and very simple to use. Different targets respond with a medium tone in the all-metal mode, however, with the iron audio feature, the detector differentiates the ferrous targets from the other targets by producing a low-tone sound. The Vaquero is a quality built metal detector that is extremely light-weight which is excellent for reducing user fatigue.

The pinpointer function on this metal detector also allows you to home in directly on your desired target without having to search around a localized area for too long. This detector comes with all metal mode and discrimination mode to qualify for every type of terrain and target. The coil on this detector can get fully submerged in water, and the metal detector as a whole is built to be weather resistant. Whether you are heading to the beach or searching for buried treasure at a local park, you want to make sure you are investing in a metal detector that is going to meet your expectations. If you’re interested in metal detecting, you most likely don’t want just any metal detector – you want to find the best metal detector on the market.

A machine with ground balancing detects what type of ground you’re on, and eliminates the unwanted minerals in response. Using maximum sensitivity means ALL metal signals will ring out, including minerals and trash. An elliptical coil works in just the same way, albeit covers less ground in one swing, but it can reach into small, awkward spaces.

For example, if you’ve been digging out some target, but haven’t finished and came back in a year. This device is the only one that has GPS unit integrated with Google Maps.

We chose the Whites Treasuremaster for kids just getting started metal detecting because it has some nice features that set it apart from other options on the market and was reported by our guinea pigs that they had a lot of fun using this product and it comes with basically everything you need to get hunting. This is one of the best beginners metal detector because it combines some very nice features that allow new treasure hunters to feel like professionals.

Larger search coils weigh more, and if the design of the metal detector is inefficient, then users will get arm fatigue quickly. Waterproof Coil – With a waterproof coil you can submerse the coil in water to search for metals. Target ID–Target ID has been a big metal detector feature for years. A metal detector with good ground grab will take all of the guesswork out of making corrections on the fly. The coil, as the name suggests, is good for hunting for gold coins (and others too) within a narrow range of depth for a change.

If you put in the time to learn your machine and research appropriate locations it doesnt matter if you have a beginner or advanced detector, you will find great items. Want an LCD screen with button interface, check out the Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector or the Fisher F2 Metal Detector. While a large amount is about personal preference some people are used to one over the other.  The best beginner metal detector is about buying one you are comfortable using.

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this metal detector model is a bit unacknowledged on the market, which is rather strange. As for the pinpoint mode, in Land Ranger Pro it is very handy – you just have to push PP button and hold it till the device switches to All metal mode with further detection of the object’s center. The discrimination function allows the user to exclude one or several metal types from the search. You can also use the device both in All Metal and discrimination modes. A waterproof 11 inch DD coil comes in the device set.